Add album/folder next

I have a number of feature requests to make so I will list them separately here. I hope this isn’t too much all at once. The software is excellent as it is. Thank you for it.

Currently it appears to be possible only to add individual tracks to the “queue next” - I would like to be able to add albums or folders too.

Currently MPD (0.22.0) supports adding a track at position but not other tags.
It can be handled by the client with multiple commands but then it will not be an atomic action and so not always be reliable. The queue can change between commands resulting in unexpected results.
It can also be slow when dealing with long sets of tracks.

This is a feature of other clients - I didn’t realise it was handled by them. Thanks for the reply.

Maybe I’m missing something. Which other clients have this action?

Come to think of it, nothing on Android that I recall, but Rigelian on iOS and the Cantata desktop client both have this available.

add-to-queue-next action for folders, playlists, albums or any other tag, is now available in beta version 1.6.3.

It is implemented on the client side, so it may not be absolutely reliable if the queue was modified during the action.

The selected add-to-queue action becomes the default swipe-left-action and the default add-to-queue action from the action bar.