Add option to disable album track count and album duration in albums view


I would like to have the option to disable the display of track count and album duration in albums view.

The reason is: When scrolling through the albums list, mpd on my (old) PC sometimes gets disconnected from MAFA. I can not reconnect to mpd, not even with mpc, only after restaring mpd.
This happens often when “update lists during scrolling” is set to “fast” and less often when set to “stopped”.

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Are you sure these queries for the counts and duration cause your MPD to hang? Does the same happen in other views besides the albums? Try looking in MPD log for the reason and check that your MPD version is current.

Hi Alex,

I disabled album art in MAFA, this solved the problem.
Also the album durations appear almost instantly when scrolling and “update list” is set to “fast”.

Just found out that the problem also does not exist when only “Enable MPD embedded album art” is selected, and “Enable MPD album art” is deselected.

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