Album Art does not update after initial fetch

MAFA version: 1.4.8
Android version: 10
Device model: Samgsung Galaxy S10e
MPD version: 0.21.19


I’m using the HTTP album art fetch feature, and only that (i.e. the MPD album setting is disabled). This works well with cover files that are already present, but for albums which have no covers yet and for which I provide cover files later, I can’t get them to show up in MAFA.

The only way that works is cleaning the cache of the app every single time an album art file is changed (or added after the initial scan).

Do I miss some trick/setting, or is this an issue?


This is by design.
If album art was missing or failed to download MAFA will try again only after a delay of few days to prevent repeated failed download attempts.
The assumption is that images are not updated frequently.
Refreshing the cache will reset this delay.

Ah, I didn’t read that page well.
It’s good to know that you can clear the cache for just the album art that way.