Album Artist sorting problem

It’s the best Android MPD client app in Android since I have fun with MPD about 10 yrs ago. Thanks to the great work! :grin:

Look, I used this app since first version and tried many MPD clients in both desktop and mobile verson. Yet I really need your help on Album Artist sorting. As shown in the attached pic, in the Album Mode, even I chose “By album artist”, as the “SORT ORDER” is “By Title” and others, the outcome still sorting according to the Album TItle as shown in the other attached pic. Or sorted according to the selection, but just not in the Album Artist alphabetical order.

I’ve searched in this forum, seems others users either solved or didn’t have trouble with this. Woud you please help? Any help will be deeply appreciated. :grin:

FYI, that Album Artist sorting function works with other MPD clients in my home.

This is another pic. (new user can’t upload 2 pics in 1 post)

Please try GROUP BYAlbum artist. Then the album-artist is the primary sort order and the album-title is the secondary.

The albums are sorted by their title or date inside the grouping.

You can also enable SettingsPerformanceSort lists locally, if the default MPD sort order is not adequate, and SettingsPerformanceIgnore accents and umlauts if relevant.

Thanks for your reply, Alex. I hope the cover art displayed in tiles, not groups.
For the setting suggestion, I’ve tried before. It doesn’t help.
Maybe, just maybe, replacing the “By Title” with Ascending / Descending Alphabetical order will help.
Thanks for your concern again. :grinning: