Album grid view limit number of lines of album name

In Album grid view good to limit the number of lines for each album name. Currently it displays complete album name, year, artist etc and causes too many lines for big album names. Good to have an option to limit the number of lines for album name display so that the view will be consistent irrespective of album name length. Also the font size is larger which can should selectable to a small size for phone view.

Thanks, I’ll add this to the to-do list.

Also, you can use the grid options to have the title over the album art instead of below it, so the tiles remain aligned regardless of the title length.

Thanks for considering this. I already tried the title over album but the title covers the complete artwork and it doesn’t look good. Hence reverted to the title below album art view. Something like the compact title in playlist would be good for album view also.

Thanks for implementing this feature. Now the library grid display has a uniform look and really nice. Once again thanks.