Album list of an artist show albums from other artists with the same name

MAFA version: 1.4.1
Android version: 10
Device model: POCOPHONE F1
MPD version: 0.21.22

When searching for an artist or location them via Artist/Album artist, in the list of Albums for this artist, I can see albums for other artists as well, if they have the same name as the album for this artist. That’s usually not a problem, but “Unplugged”, “Best of”, etc. come up so often, that I cannot listen to Bryan Adam’s Unplugged album without also listening to Alanis Morissette or The Corrs…

Did you try to set the albums mode to “Albums by album artist”?

When more than one album have the same title then the way to differentiate between them is by the album-artist tag.

You can change the albums mode either from the Settings -> Behavior -> Albums, or from the title of the albums view.

Please refer to Albums Options help page.

Ah, I thought that this was only for the Album view (the list of all albums on the device). Yes, this fixes it, thanks!

With one of the last versions, MAFA is now grouping by album name in all views, regardless of what I set in settings. And this time, it’s also in the Albums view itself. Although I group by artist, some albums appear mixed with other albums of the same name :frowning:

Yes, it’s a bit of a problem when multiple albums have the same Title but also don’t have a unique AlbumArtist.

They show either as one album or as multiple albums one for each of the Artists on each of their tracks. The problem is that MPD doesn’t have a concept of an Album or an Artist. Only tracks and their tags. So when the same Album tag appears on tracks from different albums it’s difficult to tell them apart. Using the Album title + AlbumArtist makes the distinction between albums more unique, but it fails when there isn’t really a unique AlbumArtist on all of the tracks belonging to that actual album.

For now the only solution I can offer is to tag albums of the same Title each with a unique AlbumArtist.

You got me wrong there. This happens even if the album artist is different. It used to work, but now it doesn’t anymore. An example of 2 songs by 2 different artists which are being mixed into 1 album is:

file: Alben/Chris de Burgh/The Ultimate Collection/38 - The Getaway.flac
Last-Modified: 2013-03-09T18:28:19Z
Format: 44100:16:2
Time: 231
duration: 230.693
Album: The Ultimate Collection
AlbumArtist: Chris de Burgh
Artist: Chris de Burgh
Date: 2000
Genre: Pop
Title: The Getaway
Track: 38
file: Alben/Vaya Con Dios/The Ultimate Collection/01 - Pauvre diable (The Ultimate Collection mix).flac
Last-Modified: 2012-12-16T11:13:27Z
Format: 44100:16:2
Time: 183
duration: 183.373
Album: The Ultimate Collection
AlbumArtist: Vaya Con Dios
Artist: Vaya Con Dios
Date: 2006
Genre: Jazz
Title: Pauvre diable (The Ultimate Collection mix)
Track: 1

I’m very sure that this used to work some weeks ago.

Thanks, the example makes it clear. Will fix as soon as possible.

Fixed in Release 1.4.4 Beta (374)
(beta versions)

Can confirm it works again :+1:t2: