Albums not filtered when browsing by genre

When browsing by genre → album artists → albums, the album list is not filtered by genre.

For example if I’m going to Rock → Various Artists, I’ll see all albums by Various Artists there (Soundtracks, Jazz, everything).

Is there a setting that I missed that could avoid this behavior?

MAFA version: 1.7.9
Android version: 13
Device model: Pixel 6
MPD version: 0.23.10

You are right, the navigation doesn’t accumulate filtering.

But you can group albums by genre under an Album-artist.
Enable: Settings → Behavior → Apply group-by to inner lists

Ok, I’m still left with a list of all genres when I’m entering “genre” → “Various Artists”, but it helps!
Would it be a possible feature request? Because as it is it defeats a bit the purpose of browsing by genre. :confused:
Even if I understand most of the artists focus on one genre and that it mainly is an issue for compilations.

Edit: I understand that it’s probably a massive refactor, so no issue if it’s just too difficult: grouping is working fine, and for specific genres like soundtracks were most of the albums are by Various Artists, a good workaround is to go directly from genre to albums, were the filtering is applied.

I added this to the suggested features list.

Nice, thanks!
In the meantime I finally decided to group albums by albumartist instead of genre.
This way when I browse by genre and select “albums”, I have my filtered list of albums grouped by albumartist, which is more or less what I was trying to achieve.