Bookmark failure

MAFA version: 1.5.2
Android version: 9
Device model: Motorola E6S
MPD version: MPD 0.22.4 / Moode 7.0.1 / Raspberry Pi 4

Report: Set bookmark failed: MPD error: unknown command “sticker”

I’ve tried to create bookmarks with media in attached usb storage and streamed from samba server. Attempted with every Auto bookmark limit from 1 - 60 mins.

Bookmark resume player state: play
Open player: yes
Resume bookmark: yes
Autobookmark on pause: yes

It seems that Moode doesn’t support the MPD sticker command which MAFA uses for bookmarks.

Although the bookmarks feature is disabled in the UI when this command is missing, it is still shown in the settings which are independent of the selected MPD server.

That the auto-bookmark is still attempted in this case is a bug.

Thanks for reporting it. It will be fixed in a coming version update.

Which OS / application + Raspberry Pi would you recommend for MPD sticker support?

You can just install the Raspberry Pi image and then configure MPD.

Another option is to install a different MPD build on the moode image you already have.
This however is not officially supported by moode as far as I know.
In my testing I successfully installed MPD from the MPD unofficial debian packages repository over the official moode audio image (6.7.1 2020-07-22) on Raspberry Pi 3.

You can try it on your raspi at your own risk:

sudo -i
/etc/init.d/mpd stop
wget -O /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/
echo "deb stable-backports main" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/
apt update

In the next step answer N, to keep your current version of the files

apt install mpd/stable-backports
chown mpd:audio /var/lib/mpd/sticker.sql
systemctl restart mpd

Tried it…and it worked!

Thanks for taking the time to help. I’ve been looking for an OS with audiobook support for years. I’ve tried every system and combination you can find. I couldn’t find anything which is simple and practical, and which is also guaranteed to work.

One question: do bookmarks synchronise between players? I don’t have a spare pi to experiment with another copy of Moode playing audiobooks from NAS, but it’d be great if it was possible to bookmark playback in one room and then continue the audiobook in another room.


The bookmarks are saved in MPD (in the sticker database), so any client that connects to the same MPD server instance will see the same bookmarks.

However for multi-room playback I don’t think another instance of MPD will work, because although the two instances can share the music files over NAS, they can’t share one database between them.

There are some solutions for multi-room playback based on MPD, but none seem to be very simple. You can find them by searching for: MPD multi room playback - Google Search