Bookmark Jump back

If it’s technically possible, please consider adding an option for bookmarks to jump back 30-60 seconds. Restarting at exactly the same position often makes it quite difficult to pick up the thread. Especially if it’s been a day or two since you added the bookmark.

That’s a good idea for audio books and pod casts.
I’ll add it to the to-do list.
For now you can manually seek backwards in the player view.

Support for custom bookmark resume offset was added in version 1.6.0

Settings → Bookmarks → Bookmark resume offset

Great job. It works perfectly. However, I think you should offer time offsets of -25, -50, -75 and -100 seconds. If the purpose is to help refresh the listener when resuming an audiobook or podcast then 1 - 10 seconds isn’t quite enough.

While I’m here, you should also be congratulated on the new interface. It’s got the thumbs up from all those family and friends who have installed MAFA upon my recommendation.

Yes, it was a last minute addition to this version. It’ll be amended in the next update.

:slightly_smiling_face: thank you.