Browse by Album Artist within the Genre view


When browsing by Genre, I can subsequently choose Albums, Artists, and Tracks to browse. I would love to be able to also choose Album Artist there, since I often choose a genre first, and then an album artist.

There’s already such an Artist/Album Artist toggle in the Artist and Album Artist views, maybe something like that can be re-used in some way? I’m willing to actively engage in thinking this through it that’s helpful :).

Thanks for the great player,


Hi Bart,

Yes it is possible to add this as a toggle or as additional tabs.
The same probably applies not only to Genre but the other types too.

Maybe also add “Group by” options to the Album-artists list similar to the Albums list.

I’ll try to find a solution for the next release.

I think you are right to approach this more generally like you do, nice.

Thanks for the response and I hope to see it in the next release. And again, I’m willing to be part of the discussion if the need arises.

In version 1.5.1 you can now customize which tabs appear under any tag details.
For example you can replace Artist with Album-Artist or select any other combination of up to 5 tabs.

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Thanks! Looking forward to the update. Great work.