Cantata on the pad

Hi there!

From MALP to MAFA : won’t turn back.
But MALP has something : a quick link on current artist to wikipedia.
And cantata, my favourite mpd client for the desktop desktop, has also the lyrics functionality.

To be precise : MAFA is not for my phone, but a tablet (8") dedicated to music selection. There is space enough to comfortably read some info.

Further ahead : Radio Paradise streams FLAC with info and … album art! UpmpdCli has python scripts to retrieve them. Would be really great!

Even further … no! That’s dream’s realm…

Thanks for your attention!


Loading cover art and other resources from the internet is not an option for MAFA because of copyright and licensing issues.
What’s may be possible is to create convenience links that can be opened in a browser. I’ll add this to the suggested features list.