Car integration (BT)

So I’ve been battling with my car showing the song details while playing a local mpd running on my phone.I tried several ways but MAFA actually was the solution but with a twist.

I had to set MAFA with HTTP stream + playing with internal android player in order to present the MAFA notification in the car (so MPD streams the song into MAFA rather than play it directly) . So I have some questions:

  1. Does making MAFA Android auto compatible will allow presenting the notification even if MPD is actually playing?
  2. Using HTTP streams with android enforces me to use encoder (decided to use flac encoder) while I would actually prefer to use “null” encoder, it does not work, is that a MAFA incapability or Android internal player?

So I’m not sure what’s happening, now it seems to be working, I will check and will update

  1. Android auto support allows an app to be run in Android auto environment with a dedicated GUI.
  2. Not sure what format is being sent when the encode is “null” but it doesn’t work with the internal player.

I don’t know enough about your setup to tell where the metadata is coming from in each case.
MAFA is updating a media session object with the current player state and metadata. This allows external media controllers to control the player and display the current metadata. I guess when http streaming is on and a BT device is connected it works as a media controller. Otherwise, when MAFA is not the source of the playback (not http streaming by the internal player) then it has no control over the metadata that other devices can access.

I did some tests in this regard, all I have to do each time I start the car is trigger the http streaming for a second in MAFA (and then turn it off) then MAFA still updates the song details the entire ride

Odd, Not Ideal, but I can live with it