Duplicate Entries in Album

I noticed that my Albums show duplicate song entries. How do I get rid of them? I am currently using MAFA client app on my Android phone to control soTm SMS-200 Neo. My songs are stored on an external hard disk connected to soTm via USB port.


Do you see duplicate tracks on all your albums? If this is the case, then possibly there are two copies of the music collection under the MPD music directory. You can verify this by going to the track details of two duplicate tracks and check to see if the directory is different.

Hi, this happened to all the albums that I had previously added to the Player queue list. When I re-played an album with duplicate song entries, each song was played twice. A check on the path of each duplicated song shows each had a different path. One was stored in folder USB/sda … while the other was stored in folder USB/name of hard disk.

It looks like a configuration problem with the soTm device where the USB disk is bound to two directories.

Try to get help from their support, or have a look at this forum thread that discusses this problem with suggested solutions.