Extra request regarding ways of sorting


I know More sort options for albums is already on the to-do list, but I would want to expand a little more on what might be interesting.

Context: I have a large library, and browsing by genre is one of my main usages.

Personally, I would love the ability to sort albums by:

  1. Random order. (maybe when this sorting option is chosen, a “re-order” icon could be shown to shuffle again)
    When browsing a genre with many albums, it’s fun to rediscover works you haven’t listened to in a while. Now, you always have the same ordering, which means many albums (at the bottom particularly) won’t be noticed.
  2. Date added.
    For instance, let’s say I want to listen to that new Classical album I recently added. But the genre Classical is huge, so I might have a tough time finding the work, and quite soon I might even ‘forget’ about it. It would greatly help me with my overview if I could browse genres such that the albums are sorted with the most recently added ones on top.

Let me know if you think these make sense to add as sorting possibilities.

Thanks for the great work,

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll add them to the list.

For now you can get random shuffle of tracks (but not of albums) by adding the genre to the player queue and then shuffling the tracks.

To find the albums that were recently added to MPD you can use either the “Recently updated” view filtered by album, or the Files view sorted “by newer first”.


Thanks for the suggestions. They offer some level of working around it indeed, but I would still love to see the features implemented at the sorting level, so good to see it added to the list.

Thanks for the active engagement with users and the good work,