Filter Artist -> Album view

So not sure how to express this…
Currently, when I select an artist (not album artist) and it shows me all his albums, some of them are naturally some Various Artist albums where this artist has 1 or 2 tracks on.
When I select this VA album, I then see the full album and not only the tracks on that album from this artist. Usually, that’s what I want to see. Would it be possible to make an option to switch to this behaviour?

Yes, it already does that.

It may be a bit confusing if you already opened the album view in one mode and then changed the settings to the other mode and gone back to the previous view, it is not changed. But if you go back to the artist view and select the same album again it will open in the new mode.

I don’t seem to be able to follow, sorry. What exactly do I need to do?
I’m Going Artist/The Rolling Stones/Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time
I’m seeing the full 500 tracks of the album, but I only want to see those by The Rolling Stones. How?

It really depends on how the individual tracks are tagged.

In mode “albums by album artist”, an album is the collection of all tracks that are tagged by both the album-title tag + album-artist tag.

May be the tracks in that album all have the same album-artist tag that is different from the artist tag of individual tracks. If that’s the case then I’m afraid there’s no workaround except editing the tags, because the grouping is by album-artist and not by artist. It seems like a good idea to group by artist regardless of the albums mode in that case. I’ll look into it.

Since it’s a collection of songs from different artist, the album artist is “Various Artist” and the individual track artist is then the actual artist. And I’m not planning to change this, because it’s correct.
This whole treating albums in a different way, depending on how I select to group them is a problem for me, because depending on how my path is, I sometimes want behaviour A, and sometimes B.
For example: if I go to “Albums”, I’m expecting a list of Albums, ordered alphabetically by album name and not grouped or sorted by album artist.
When I select an Artist first, I’m expecting the sub-Album view to be limited to this artist, independent on how I sort or group my album view somewhere else.
When I select an Artist fist, I’m expecting the albums that show up to only show songs by this artist BY DEFAULT. I might want to change that later.
When I select an Artist and then select the “Tracks” tab, I’m not expecting the tracks to be sorted by album->tracknumber->song but only by name name of the song. I mean… it might just be me, but that’s what I’m expecting ;o)

Thank you for the clear and detailed requirements.
Unfortunately these are not currently supported by MAFA.
Sorry I can’t make promises now except to keep your post as reference for future features development.