Free Search in Queue (Combining attributes when searching)

Search has different categories in which Any is the default (which is good). But search is somehow restricted, for example: Fleetwood Mac - Dreams a great song if I would want to find it via search I could only do it by the following options:

  1. “fleetwood mac” (or portion of it) and then scroll manually
  2. “dreams” and then scroll manually
  3. “Rumours” (album name) and then scroll manually

BTW Search will fail to find a song name when I will punch few words of it but not in the right order e.g, It Must Have Been Love, If I will search “Must Been” I will not get a result

While the easiest way to find it would be “flee dream” i.e. a portion of the artist and a portion of the title in the same search string, then it should find it as a single result in a very high percentage. Currently no result will be found. I managed to do something similar with bash mpc playlist | grep -iE "search_word1" | grep -iE "search_word2 | grep -iE "search_wordN"

I can imagine this would affect performance, but I would least want to take the decision if I wish search to behave that way

What I can do is split the search string into words and use the AND filter like this:

playlistsearch "((any contains 'must') AND (any contains 'been'))"

Sounds great! Exactly what I am looking for

Multi-words search option added in search and queue filter:

MAFA version 1.7.6 2022-07-06T21:00:00Z

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Dude, that’s AWESOME!

Many thanks!

I want to circle back and say this works very good!

Thanks Again!