Group by Decade


Loving the player’s flexibility, and I would love to see it expanded even further.

In the Albums view, I would love to group by Decade. You can already group by Date and Original Date, but I find these to be a bit impractical, since there’s looots of (small) groups that way.

The decade could simply be derived from the Date field, no sticker or anything needed.

Would love to see it added. Let me hear if you like the idea and if this is something for the roadmap.


Hi Bart,

I thought about implementing such grouping but wasn’t sure what the benefit would be.

It very much depends on the specific music collection and tagging.

Usually I find genre more useful than just the time period by the date tag (e.g. Genre “60’s”).

On the other hand it might be useful for timeline navigation to be able to change the resolution between year, decade, century, and millennium (like calendar apps usually do).

I’m interested to know how do you see such feature used.

Hi Alex,

I can imagine. Genre is probably my most often used view too, so I understand. But ever since my library has grown to the extent where I have Jazz from the 10s and the 50s, and Indie Rock from the late 80s and 00s, I find myself longing sometimes to be able to filter by period (decade).

Maintaining genres is difficult in my opinion, and to be able to fall back on something as natural as chronological ordering (which I do in my head anyways) sometimes feels like a safe alternative.

But mostly I feel this would be a more useful alternative to the existing Date and Original Date groupings, for the reasons I stated above. In which case the method you mention (with the resolution) is probably the nicest way to go.

Understood. I’ll add this feature to the to-do list. Thanks.

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