Ignore language articles in sort order of artists / album artists

First of all I would like to say: this app is by far the best MPD-Client for Android I know, congratulations :slightly_smiling_face:!

In my music collection I have a lot of artists that start with “The”, like The Beatles, The Doors or The Rolling Stones. These entries all appear in the lists under “T”, to find them better I would prefer them to appear under “B”, “D” and “R”.

The most versatile solution would be a list of articles that the user can freely determine, i.e. “The”, “Die”, “Le” etc., but for me personally “The” would already be very good!

Will add it to the to-do list although I’m not sure about how to support languages other than English.
Probably an option to use the sort variant of tags – AlbumSort, ArtistSor, AlbumArtistSort – will be implemented first as it is the more generic way to support this feature. But it requires that the music is appropriately tagged.

I agree that the solution via AlbumSort, ArtistSort, AlbumArtistSort is actually the right one! However, experience has shown that most users probably do not maintain their tags precisely enough, so that the solution via MAFA would be very convenient.

I was thinking of a user-definable, language-independent text input field in the UI (comma-separated / list of strings), with which articles to be hidden can be determined.

With version 1.6.2, sorting the artists via the "AlbumArtistSort" tag works perfectly!

Note for other users: after changing the sorting method in the settings menu, the app must be restarted to display the new sorting correctly in the lists.

This was fixed in the latest beta. There’s also an easier access to this setting from the Artist/Album/AlbumArtists views’ menu.

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