Intent to attempt connection to a server


We touch this topic in the matter of Tasker, I’m looking for a way I could pass an intent (or some other Android command) with an argument of a server in which MAFA will attempt to connect to (without the need to define the server prior to it via manage servers). Something like single shot attempt.

The other argument which comes to mind with this is password, but we need to think more thoroughly before implementation

MAFA beta release 1.8.0 implements two custom intents.

One sends a command directly to any MPD server by host and port number (and returns the response from MPD as intent-result).

The other changes the selected MPD server in MAFA itself.

It’s still experimental and open to changes. Feedback is welcome.

Thanks! the SELECT_SERVER intent works perfectly! exactly as I imagined it!!

The command intent, I have to do some work as I already implemented bash commands to control the server i.e. echo "somecommand" | nc -w1 someserver someport, I need to evaluate the value of migrating to the intent mode

If I can ask an intent to toggle the http streaming feature - that would be super to automate!

I think I have not expressed the amount of manual code your feature has spared from me. With the intents I can now control MPD seamlessly, and use the MAFA notification instead of maintaining a custom notification for that

Thanks again

I would add a “background” option. the intent cause MAFA to load on the screen regardless if you wanted or not. Part of automating is to set MAFA to the correct MPD server but not necessarily start play music. because you can control the MPD with the notification so switching it in the background will pop the notification and you are ready to go! (no?)

if MAFA already was in used for ServerA and in the background
and an intent SELECT_SERVER is for SERVERB
MAFA will load but with ServerA (i.e. no switch between servers)

Sorry, can’t reproduce.

It would help if you could show the intent result that is send back. If there was a failure the reason should be in the intent result.
Can your tool send intent for result?

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