MAFA starts after other audio app quit

MAFA version: 1.8.2 (618)
Android version: 13
Device model: Sony Xperia 5 III
MPD version: 23.5

Hi, I am often listening to full albums. When another app have been using the sound of my Xperia and quit, then MAFA start the music again. For example, I was listening today to music with MAFA with httpd streaming. Then many hours after I got a WhatsApp call. After the call, MAFA stared playing the album again from the beginning. I can’t say it’s a bug or some configuration I missed to do.

Brgds, Peter

Thank you for the bug report.

Do you remember whether the settings “Pause on phone call” was on or off at the time?

“Pause on phone call” was on. Yesterday evening I turned this setting off. This morning my alarm sounded to wake me up. When I turned it off the same album from yesterday started playing again.
Good music but it was no time for me to listen. :wink: Then I stopped the music and forced MAFA to stop.

There’s a new version now in the beta channel that should fix this problem (will be released in a few days).

Great, thanks!