Making "Play Now" the default action

Is there any way to configure MAFA so I can just click on a song in a folder and have the software play the song as well as the rest of the songs in the folder? I don’t particularly want to use playlists or queues, just play the songs in the folder.


This option is available for album tracks.

From the settings:

  1. Enable “Behavior” → “Enable add-from-here track actions”
  2. Select “Behavior” → “Album track click action”
  3. Select “Play from here”

Then when you go to an album and click a track, that track and the remaining tracks of the album will replace the queue and start playing.

In the files view you can only add/play the whole folder or a single file.

Yes, I see that now and it does work. The problem is that I have over 2TB of files meticulously arranged by artist and album in folders so the album listing is pretty much useless to me. I will have to look elsewhere. If the available Volumio apps weren’t so god-awful slow and buggy I wouldn’t even be here.

Did you try the albums view grouped by Artist or AlbumArtist?
If your files are tagged it should resemble the files view where directories are artist/album/tracks.

This is what albums grouped by artist look like compared to the files list:

Thanks for the suggestion. Yes I did try that. My music is broken up into folders by genre, then artist, then album. Just using the album or albumartist tag leads to all classical, jazz, rock, SACD, and Christmas music being lumped into one enormous list. I have looked at several other PC based music playback packages and it would appear that my methodology is not all that popular, but after all these years I’m not likely to go back and change it.

I see, so to clarify:

Do you want the rest of the songs in the folder to be: (1) by the order files are displayed in the folder view or (2) by the track number of the songs (assuming all the files in the folder are from the same album)?

I can probably do it either way.

It would be awesome if you could arrange that. I guess it should play the following songs according to track number because the listing may be displayed alphabetically, in which case the order would be different than that of the album. All of my music is tagged with a track number, and the track number is prepended to the track name (i.e. “03 - Sunshine of Your Love”), but I may be more anal that others.

In MAFA 1.9.1 released 2023-05-02T21:00:00Z, the “add-from-here track actions” and “Album track click action” also apply to files in the files view, and before being added the tracks are sorted by album/disc/track-number.

In addition, the files view has a new option to keep tracks displayed in album/disc/track-number order.