Notification: play/pause toggle does not work after pause

MAFA version: 1.8.0
Android version: 13
Device model: Samsung S22 Plus
MPD version: 0.23.11

Notification: play/pause toggle does not work after pause

  1. connect to a playing mpd server
  2. make sure MAFA notification is visible
  3. Pause music (via notification or other method)
  4. attempt to restart music by clicking the play/pause notifcation button (which is not updated when the music is paused)

Expected: MPD will start playing music again
Actual: Nothing happens, (skipping songs via the notification buttons work though)

So far I’m unable to reproduce this bug. Will keep trying.

I uninstalled and reinstalled MAFA again, it looks like it disappear…

My suspicion is that the automation SELECT_SERVER (perhaps) colided with the already defined MPD servers (localhost, homeip etc.) and that caused to some overflow of requests to the MPD server. the button did not work, but also the elapsed time did not update on the screen…

yes, good thing that you closed it, it works after enable-disable the http streaming toggle, then it works!