Optimal MPD conf. for WAN use?

It appears that when I’m remotely scrolling through my library, if I scroll to fast then MAPA disconnects and the steam stops for a small few seconds.

Might there be settings for MPD that I could change to help avoid that?

(Maybe contributing factors are that I have a very large pool of music, and it’s on an external drive array that might take a few seconds to spin up from idle.)

When the MPD server is slow to respond and there are many commands waiting, it might cause MAFA to disconnect because of a timeout.

This is more likely to happen when scrolling because MAFA sends commands to update each item in the list.

You can try Settings -> Performance -> "Update lists during scrolling".

Set it to Stopped to make MAFA only update the list items when the scrolling has stopped, or to Slow to update list items only when the scroll speed has slowed.

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