Option "Add to queue and play"

I would like to be able to add a track or album to the queue and play it immediately without deleting the queue. The option “Play now” is a bit too destructive for me, as it deletes the whole queue unfortunately.

So ideally there should be five following options:

  • Add to queue
  • Add to queue next
  • Add to queue and play
  • Replace queue
  • Replace queue and play

For the list and grid items swipe actions, I would like to be able to choose which of the five options I associate with right and left swipes. For me personally, however, it would be enough if the swipe to the right got the function “Add to queue and play” instead of “Replace queue and play (Play now)”.

More queue actions are currently in development.

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New add-to-queue options are now available in beta version 1.6.3.

The selected add-to-queue action becomes the default swipe-left-action and the default add-to-queue action from the action bar.

For now the replace-queue action was not changed.

Feedback is welcome.

Wow! At first glance this fits my needs perfectly, thank you very much! I’ll play with the features a bit to form a concrete opinion and will post if there is anything to note.
Thanks again for the good work!

After a few weeks I can say that I totaly enjoy the new features :+1:!
The only thing that would make it even more perfect is to add the same functionality not only to the left swipe, but also to the right swipe…