Play stops when waking phone

If I leave MAFA playing when put the phone to screen save (blank the screen) it keeps playing as expected, but when I wake the phone, the MAFA screen is displayed, and it then immediately stops playing.

Is this a setting I can change?

Sorry I can’t reproduce this.

It may help if you could provide more information:
MAFA version?
Android version?
MPD version?
Using partitions?
Using notifications?
Using HTTP streaming?

If you can look in MPD log files, is it receiving a stop command? Are there other clients connected to the same MPD server?


OK. Thanks

Mafa 1.9.3 (663)
Android 12 (update to 13 imminent)
mpd 0.23.5 running under moOde 8.2.0 2022-09-16
partitions are turned on in mafa setting
I turned notifications off, but nothing changed
using http streaming
Other clients, yes, I had used Bubble upnp to play some Qobuz stuff experimentally - it proved a bit unreliable. Of course, moOde also uses it.

Update: It’s working properly tonight.

If I can look at the files, I might see what was happening this afternoon when it was playing up. How do I do that?

OK, popped back in here to apologise as I don’t think this is the fault of MAFA.

Having observed the behaviour of moOde when mpd is accessed by various clients, moOde itself, and Bubbleupnp, and MAFA on my phone, i think it is either an interraction between Bubbleupnp and MAFA, or even fighting with moOde itself, that can get the mpd process a bit upset. I have observed other oddities, like if I start playfrom Bubbleupnp, it can almost immediatey stop playing again. I guess another client is halting it. A clean reboot of moOde, and/or the phone, seems to get it working properly again.

Thanks for the update.

Sorry to ‘highjack’ this thread, but I’m seeing something similar but I don’t think it happens when waking the phone. I’m using ncmpcpp as well and I’ve noticed that when MAFA is running on the phone, at some point the ‘pause’ state will change into the ‘stopped’ state. When I make sure that MAFA is not running, not even in the background, this change will never happen. I’ve also noticed that the time it takes before the state change is variable.

MAFA version? 1.9.3
Android version? 13.1
MPD version? 0.23.13
Using partitions? No
Using notifications? No
Using HTTP streaming? No

With regards,

Angelo Machils

Thanks for the input.

So far I was unable to reproduce this behavior but I’ll keep trying to figure it out.

MAFA only sends the stop command without explicit user interaction in the app in the following cases:

  1. On an incoming phone call, if “Pause ON phone call” in on, and “Don’t pause streams” is ON, and the currently playing track is a stream (not a a local music file).
  2. When HTTP streaming is ON, and using the internal player, and “Stop when becoming noisy” is ON, and “becoming noisy” event is received from the system. (a headset or an external speaker are disconnected and playback is about to resume from the phone speaker).
  3. When HTTP streaming is ON, and using the internal player, and “audio focus loss” event is received from the system. (another app takes the audio output).
  4. When “Enable active player notification” is ON, and a media session “stop” event is received from the system. (for example a connected Bluetooth headset or speaker button is pressed).

The only case I noticed an unexpected stop event was #1 above, when the received phone call was from a blocked number. There was no indication of a received call on the phone but the incoming phone call event was received in MAFA and it stopped playing.

Actually, that’s another odd thing I noticed. When it wasn’t playing, a couple of times now, I have received a phone call, and when I hang up, it starts playing without me doing anything to it.

It seems that none of those 4 points really apply in my case. My setup in MPD is really simple; only local files played through one output (a USB connected DAC). In none of those cases when I observed the state change had there been a phone call (as far as I can recall). But I did check those options you mentioned:

  • Pause on phone call was already off
  • Don’t pause on streams was turned on which I turned off to test a bit further. I again made sure no other clients (in fact I only use one other on occasion, ncmpcpp) were running. And it seems that option was the culprit. I left it on pause and checked again after an hour or so and the state still hadn’t changed. Weird, as I don’t even use HTTP streaming :slight_smile:

[edit] Spoke too soon I guess. I’ve now turned off the ‘active player notifications’ and I’m testing this now.

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Angelo Machils

Well, left it like that overnight and it was still in the ‘paused’ state. I miss the ‘lock-screen widget’ now, but that’s okay I guess :slight_smile:

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Angelo Machils