Playlist does not show files with special characters

MAFA version: 1.9.8 (685)
Android version: 12
Device model: Poco F3
MPD version: 0.23.15

My music collection is structured in such a way that all Flac files are in the folders with the initial letters, but MP3 files are in a separate subfolder with the name ‘#MP3’:

When I create a playlist with MAFA and add a track from the #MP3 subfolder, it is correctly saved in the m3u-file:

However, when I load this playlist into MAFA, the title is not displayed (probably because of the ‘#’ character).

Is there a chance to improve this?

Best regards,

In M3U file format lines starting with the “#” character are considered comments and are ignored.

You can work around this by not having folders starting with “#” at the root of the music directory.

Thanks for the quick response. I changed the music_directory in mpd.conf so that there is a prefix in each line before the “#”, so everything works again!