Pre cache of artwork

Hi, It would be lovely with a pre cache function for artwork.

At home with WiFi the update is fast when browsing albums but when connected over the internet it’s slow. I have a rather huge collection and yesterday I did a “Refresh” and now it would take me a long time to manual browse my albums to update all the covers for about 2150 albums.

Brgds, Peter

It’s always a tradeoff between performance and resource consumption.

Doing a large and continuous download in the background can have a negative effect on the device’s battery, network, and responsiveness.

If you “Refresh” the album art cache it doesn’t delete the cache, but only marks all the cache entries for re-download (so you still see the cached images immediately and they get updated on demand as you view the albums). The “Clear” on the other hand, actually deletes the cached images.

The simplest solution is to refresh the cache once when on a local network by scrolling the albums view.