Readpicture "Limited support"

Hi, I am running MPD on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, the newest version today is still 21.20.
After the latest MAFA update that supports “Readpicture” I get: the message:
“Limited support: missing optional commands: readpicture” under “Manage Servers”.
First I was worried that something was wrong in my setup. After investigating I understand
thar it is a new feature since version 22. Even when I do not choose “Enable MPD embedded
album art” in my settings I get this warning in “Manage Servers”. Is it not possible to change
this until I easy can upgrade my server without compiling the a newer version of MPD?
I don’t want to touch my well working system and destroy anything.

Best regards

Hi Peter,

This message is informational only. It lets you know that the embedded album art feature is not supported by this MPD server.

The readpicture command is optional so MAFA still works fine with this MPD server. You don’t have to upgrade.