Removing items from Bookmarks/Favorites

In the Bookmarks and Favorites sections long press on an item brings the context menu. It’s little unintuitive that removing a bookmark/favorite is achieved by pressing the Bookmark/Favorite item respectively. It would be better to change it to something like Remove or Delete.


The bookmark and favorite action is an on/off toggle like a checkbox. The icon indicates the current state.
I’ll consider making it more obvious by adding a checkbox to each action item, or changing the item name according to the state.

Thank you for the suggestion.

Oh, I see now that the icon really changes between outlined and filled glyph according to state. Admittedly I didn’t notice that. Probably prefixing the item’s text with "Remove " will make it completely clear. But anyway, it is only cosmetic. Thank you for your work!

In the the latest Release 1.7.8 the on/off toggle state of favorite and bookmark is highlighted for better visibility.