Scrolling in Artist / Album view

Have a library with 1000+ artist and few artist with 700+ albums. It is difficult to navigate the artist / album views especially when the album for example is in the middle or towards end. In Mpdroid which was using earlier has a always visible scrollbar and can click on the scrollbar middle or bottom which will take screen to that position. In Mafa need to activate scroll bar and then drag the scroll bar. This is very inconvenient especially on smart phones. It would be great if you could look at a suitable way to address navigating large albums of a particular artist as well as large number of artists in a efficient way. Earlier when iOS version Mpad was available it had a beautiful feature where right side there is an alphabet tab which will take to the artist with that starting alphabet when pressed.

I will add improving scroll navigation to the do-to list.

There are already a few features that help navigation of artists and albums lists:

  1. The top level lists have index popup when scrolling with the scroll thumb (Settings → Appearance → Show fast scroll index).
  2. The top level lists can be filtered.
  3. Artist albums can be grouped by other tags, for example by date.

Thanks for the feedback.

Thanks for considering this. It will be of a great help to continue using this. I am already using #1 and #3 as recommended above. Since albums are sorted by year they no longer sorted in alphabetical order. So #1 didn’t help in this case especially when in artist view go to a specific artist which has large number of albums sorted by date. Let me know if u need further information on this.