Show current song in queue on top of the screen

I noticed that after switching to the queue, the list is redisplayed each time, always with the current song at the bottom of the list:

I think that the currently playing song should be better displayed at the top of the screen, because you probably want to see which songs will be played next. One previous song could perhaps still be displayed, something like this:

Not a big deal, but in my opinion would improve the app again a bit further.

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Yes, the current behavior is to scroll the list just enough that the current track becomes visible.
In the next version there’s an option to have it scroll so the current track is in the center of the list.

I’ve already seen this yesterday at my music evening and played around with it a bit, this is very well done and for me a real improvement, so as always: thank you for the quick implementation!

However, I had occasionally after some operations the behavior that when switching back to the queue the current track was not visible. I will try to make a screen video of it, if I can reproduce this.

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I can reproduce it (V519 with Current track follower mode = Center scroll to make visible):

  • switch from player to queue (actual track is centered)
  • scroll down to the bottom of the queue
  • switch to the player and back to the queue

Now the screen shows the top of the queue. Shouldn’t it show the actual track centered now?

When the current track is manually scrolled out of view the track follower is turned off so you can freely scroll the queue without the follower interfering.
When the track follower is off:
Track follower Off

To turn the track follower back on tap the follower icon in the action bar.
When the track follower is on:
Track follower On