Song rating via sticker database

mpd has a support for maintaining extra meta tags for songs in a separate database called the sticker database, see User’s Manual — Music Player Daemon 0.22.4 documentation

Would be great if you could add this nice feature in MAFA too.

Thanks for the suggestion.

Favorites in MAFA can be regarded as items having the highest rating (5/5 in the common terms of ratings).

Stickers in MPD are currently limited only to songs (tracks) in the MPD db. Extra metadata can’t be attached to Albums or Artists.

That’s why the favourites feature in MAFA is implemented locally in the client, and not using stickers.

There is also no MPD approved standard for sticker semantics that different clients can share, so each client has its own stickers defined with different meanings.

Can you please describe a bit more what would you like the proposed song rating feature to be like, and how would it differ from the current Favorites feature?

They way MPDroid shows ratings seems good:

The best results come with cantata (OK, it is a desktop app):

I’ll add it to the suggested features in the to-do list.

Thank you very much!