Sort albums by year

I would love an option to sort the album by year when seeing only one artists albums, so that can find the right album faster.

All the best and thanks for your work

Hi Fabian,

This is already on the to-do list.
Iā€™m still experimenting how to implement it in the UI.
In the current state the Albums grouping is optionally applied to inner lists too.
It looks like this:

And it will apply not only to Artist view but to Genre and the other tags too.

For me it would would be better and enough to just sort the albums (without grouping). For the genre view with a lot of albums it may be good to have grouping, but for an album artist only releasing an album every 1 or 2 years it would unnecessarly used space which could be better used for displaying more albums.

I thought so too. Will work on it some more. Thanks.

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I really like to have the albums by year for an artist. The only reason that I use other clients sometimes. Please save space without any grouping, not useful for me.

The next MAFA version will have an option for albums by date, with or without grouping.

Thanks a lot. I just tried the beta and loving it!