Sort Tracks by Disc Number

For albums ripped from multiple-CD-Sets and tagged with MusicBrainz Picard tracks are sorted in this order:

  • Track 1 from Disc 1
  • Track 1 from Disc 2
  • Track 2 from Disc 1
  • Track 2 from Disc 2
    … and so on.

Is it possible to sort them in the “original” order, first all Tracks from CD 1 and then all Tracks from CD 2?

Hi Peter,

The album tracks are sorted by disc and track number. What you described can happen if there’s no disc tag on the tracks, or if you disabled the disc tag in MAFA or in your MPD configuration file in the value of metadata_to_use.

If the disc tag exists and is not disabled each track item displays the disc and track number like this: “Disc 1 - #1”. Otherwise only the track number is displayed.

Another possibility is that MAFA can’t parse the value of the disc tag as integer.
Can you check what is the exact value of the disc tag? Is it a number or does it contain other characters.

Hi Alex,

stupid me, I had disabled “DISC” in the Tags-Tab of MAFA.

Thanks for the patient and great support!