Support "albumart" for virtual tracks in CUE sheets


a lot of my music is organized with cue sheets.
For every cue sheet I put a file “cover.jpg” in the same folder.
Since mpd 0.22.10, mpd uses this jpg for album art.
But I can’t get Mafa to show the album art, so maybe this feature is not yet implemented?

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The album art command in MPD is based on file paths.
With cue-sheets the paths are artificial, with the cue-sheet file as a directory so it doesn’t work.
I’ll try to find a workaround.

Added in version 1.7.2 (now in beta 2022-02-04T22:00:00Z):
Guess that a path is from a cue-sheet to find the album art in the cue-sheet directory - (Settings → “Album art” → “Truncate cue-sheet directory path”).