View tracks of multidisc releases in the correct order


thanks a lot for the greatest MPD Client App of all times! I really like how to use it, e.g. swiping to add albums etc. but I think I found a small glitch in the matrix.

When I view the tracks of an multidisc album the tracks do not show in the order they are played, but first all 1st tracks, then all 2nd tracks …
The track list should show it this way:
Disc 1 - Track 1
Disc 1 - Track 2
Disc 1 - Track 3
Disc 2 - Track 1
Disc 2 - Track 2
Disc 2 - Track 3

Mafa actually plays the tracks in the right order, but does not show them this way.

Thanks a lot for the great app!


Hi Michael,

The album tracks are sorted by disc and track number. What you described can happen if there’s no disc tag on the tracks, or if you disabled the disc tag in MAFA or in your MPD configuration file in the value of metadata_to_use.

If the disc tag exists and is not disabled each track item displays the disc and track number like this: “Disc 1 - #1”. Otherwise only the track number is displayed.

Hi Alex,

thanks a lot for your suggestions, but it seems all is as it should.

  • mpd disc metadata is enabled
  • mafa disc tag is enabled
  • the disc tag is written correctly in the files.

But I only see #1 in the track display - no Disc …

And what I find strange, is that the tracks are played in the correct order…

Anyway, thanks for the quick reply

Another possibility is that MAFA can’t parse the value of the disc tag as integer.
Can you check what is the exact value of the disc tag? Is it a number or does it contain other characters.