When adding one album to the player queue, all albums with the same name are added

MAFA version: 1.7.0
Android version: 9
Device model: LG G4
MPD version: Music Player Daemon 0.24 (0.23.5-63-gbe72d4535+)

I got many albums named “Greatest Hits”
In Mafa, I set albums mode to “By album artist”, so in album view I see multiple “Greatest Hits” albums, which is correct.
But when I want to play one “Greatest Hits” album, all of them are added to the queue. I expected that only the selected album is added to the player queue.

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Thanks for reporting it.
A fix is already in beta. The update will be released this week.

Fixed in version 1.7.1 released 2022-01-31T22:00:00Z